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What is the best coloured paper to use for individuals with Irlen Syndrome?

The Irlen/Dyslexia Centre in Australia recommends using light blue Reflex paper for handouts and worksheets. This helps reduce stress, fatigue and headaches for people with Irlen Syndrome. Individuals with Irlen Syndrome see the printed page differently from those with normal vision and must constantly adapt to distortions appearing on the printed page. Using a light blue coloured paper may assist individuals when reading words on a page.

Irlen Syndrome

I have some exciting news in regard to Irlen Syndrome. For those of you who don’t know about Irlen, stay tuned , as I will post more information about what it is etc later. But for now, the newsflash is  Stuart Ritchie, Psychology Department, The University of Edinburgh, has notified us that a chapter on dyslexia in an edited volume by the University of Edinburgh’s Sergio Della Sala entitled “Neuroscience in Education,” to be published in 2011 by Oxford University Press, will talk about Coloured Lenses and the Irlen Treatment.