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Types of Bullying – Harassment

A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Berea, Ohio

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The last type of bullying to be discussed is ‘Harassment‘. This type is generally about race, gender, nationality etc and is usually quite frequent. Some examples of this type of bullying may include the following:

  • pulling at clothing etc
  • looking under the toilet door
  • use of intimidating and offensive language
  • stalking and following
  • making unwelcome advances or requests of a sexual nature

Bullying is a game when some children abuse their power. The target or the person that is being bullied can stop getting hurt by blocking the bullying. This can be by removing oneself  or by becoming detached.

So, how does the game of bullying work? Well, there are some rules to this game. I will follow up on these rules in my next blog.