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Top 10 Fairytales we no longer read

As I work in an educational setting every day, I have noticed that children no longer read fairy tales. I feel this is such a shame because the traditional tales have so much to offer. 30000 British parents were recently surveyed, and it revealed that a quarter of them rejected some classic fairy tales as we know them. With Christmas just around the corner, may I suggest you buy a fairy tale book for your child, and start to introduce these wonderful stories to them. I’m sure you and your children will enjoy reading and talking about the stories. Here are the top 10 fairy tales we don’t read anymore Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Hansel and Gretel Cinderella Little Red Riding Hood The Gingerbread Man Jack and the Beanstalk Sleeping Beauty Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Emperor’s New Clothes (Source: http://www.thebabywebsite.com/)