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Types of Bullying – Exclusion

The second type of bullying I will highlight here is ‘exclusion’. This form of bullying can be expressed openly in front of others (you can’t sit here) or discreetly (rolling of the eyes). With this type of bullying, the bully often manipulates the group. The group members can be referred to as bystanders. That is, they stand by and do nothing to help the person that is being bullied because they know that if they do intervene, they might be next.  This just builds the social power of the bully. This is a very sad state of affairs and teachers need to be aware of this type of bullying and encourage bystanders to not support this behaviour. It could simply be by encouraging the bystander to just  move away from the group when the bully is using this type of bullying behaviour. 

Types of Bullying- teasing

Bullying is a very upsetting thing to happen to anyone, to say the least. It is so damaging to the victim. There are 4 main categories of bullying. I will be highlighting each one over the course of the week. The first one I would like to talk about is teasing.  Teasing, put another way, is verbal violence and girls especially, are very, very good at doing it.  It is mostly related to how you look, your sexuality and the level of social acceptance of the victim. The teasing includes the following: name calling, harassing and insulting, verbal demands/threats, doing something when the target/victim walks past like rolling the eyes and of course, cyber bullying which includes texting, internet and email.

This usually happens on a regular basis and is so hurtful to the victim!