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Hyperlexia, Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome. What is the difference?

Hyperlexia versus Dyslexia. Dr Paul Whiting explains the difference in this video from Youtube.

How are you embracing the technological revolution in your classroom?

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I recently celebrated a birthday and what I observed was the number of text messages, phone calls and wishes on Facebook that I received. And they weren’t just from the younger generation either. In fact, the number actually outweighed the number of cards I received by post! This is the way we are heading in this technological age. Is the birthday card we receive in the post becoming extinct? This got me thinking, how are we preparing our students for this revolution? How are you embracing the technological revolution in your classroom?

Back to School

Dr Seuss books are great to start learning to read. I highly recommend them in the early years of school.

As we are going back to school for the new year, I found a cute little fingerplay for parents and teachers.
Back to School Fingerplay
Two little houses all closed up tight 
(make fists) 

Open up the window and let in the light 
(open fist) 

Ten little finger people tall and straight 
(ten fingers) 

Ready for school at half past eight 
(walk with fingers)